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Mon May 27, 2024

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Sedona Vortexes

What Is A Vortex?

A vortex is a spyraling energy. Examples of such are water spinning down a drain, or a tornado. There are other vortices that cannot be seen. Examples of these are the vortices in Sedona. Even though grammatically incorrect, the plural form of "vortex" when referring to the energy in Sedona is commonly accepted to be "vortexes."

Supposedly, there are various places around the planet that put out energy that can be felt mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This phenomenon is referred to as a "vortex."

Is Sedona A Vortex?

Sedona is said to contain various locations that are vortexes. Areas such as Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, and Boynton Canyon are vortexes, and produce energies that can be felt. Many people come to Sedona because of the great feeling it leaves them with, and many people contribute this to the existence of vortexes.

What Creates These Vortexes?

When you take a piece of iron, like a nail, and expose it to water, it rusts and turns reddish-orange. Sedona and the entire Red Rock area are red for a reason -- The dirt and rocks have a very high iron content. The redness that you see is rust.

Besides rusting, iron has another well-known characteristic -- It's magnetic. Magnets are made from iron. Iron, and things made from iron, are attracted to magnets. When you bring iron into the vicinity of a magnet, that piece of iron is affected. It may be pushed or pulled in various directions depending on the polarization of the magnet.

There is plenty of iron in the human body, specifically the blood stream. Blood is red for the same reason that the dirt in Sedona is red. It is full of iron, and this iron at the core of the red blood cells is what collects oxygen and moves it around the body.

The effects of being in an area with a magnetic energy that is different from what you're used to can affect the blood flowing through the body, and specifically the brain. This can result in having a very slight effect on brain activity, which can cause a change in mood. These are the experiences that most people have when coming into contact with a vortex in Sedona.

Can Vortexes Really Make Me Feel Better?

People have reported various experiences when coming into contact with vortexes. These feelings and experiences have generally been positive and healing in nature. Many people would describe that they are "rejuvenated" or "re-energized" after their visit to Sedona.

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