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Wed Jun 12, 2024

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Most hiking locations in Sedona that are right in town are very popular, especially on the weekends. Parking can be difficult, though you're never alone. Parking off road requires a Red Rock Pass, which can be purchased for about $5 per day if purchased for a single day, and severe discounts are given for purchasing in blocks of a week, or even a year.

But my favorite hike near that area isn't actually in Sedona. It's about 10 miles north on state route 89A. This is the west fork of Oak Creek Canyon. You'll have to pay to park, but it's fairly inexpensive. Camping is also available in this area, though you'll want to go several miles back into the canyon to avoid too many people.

Beginning on this journey, you'll see a map displayed showing the trail and where it winds through the canyon. Moving along, less than a mile from the beginning, are some wild fruit trees. We've eaten apples and pears directly from these trees -- They're delicious. You'll also find some ruins of buildings that haven't been used for about 100 years. Vegetation has covered much of this.

Moving right along, the hike remains fairly easy for about the first four miles. Any farther than this, and you'll likely want to bring an additional pair of shoes with you that are good for walking through the water. I remember hiking back about six miles to camp and having to change shoes a number of times. At certain points, the canyon walls are very steep and the trail disappears. The only way to pass is to walk right through the water. While it doesn't get much deeper than about three feet, you probably don't want to wear shoes that absorb water (like hiking boots) through the water, as it'll make the hike on land that much more difficult.

Some very interesting rock formations can be found out in this area. And the farther you go, the less likely you are to see other people. Most of the people hiking this trail are interested in getting away from the city life, working out, camping, exploring, or just like being outdoors in general.

Closer in town, especially in the Village Of Oak Creek, are various hiking trails directly off the side of the main roads that will take you up to some of the more known locations, like Cathedral Rock. Most of the people hiking these trails are generally working out, or looking for energy from a vortex.

In either case, you'll be surrounded by a multitude of red rock formations and have countless opportunities to capture memories on film -- or digital film, as the case may be.

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